Welcome to Courcelette PS

Bienvenue au Courcelette!

The Principal’s Blog

The goal of this blog is to build an inclusive learning community through increased communication channels. I hope viewing the blog will give you a sense of the joy experienced daily and the hard work it takes to lead, teach and learn in a K to 8 elementary school.

The blog isn’t the only way to stay connected. You can link to our School Council or TDSB Website for even more news.

Communication with Your Child’s Teachers & Staff

If you need to reach your child’s teacher or support staff, please speak with the office to leave a message and/or utilize the preferred method of communication indicated by the teacher (e.g., class blog, school agenda).

At times you may have additional questions or concerns. Please ensure you follow the Parent Concern Protocol which can be found here: https://www.mytdsb.on.ca/+CSCO+1h75676763663A2F2F6A6A6A2E6771666F2E62612E706E++/Contact-Us/Steps-to-Address-Questions-Concerns.

All of us at Courcelette PS want to work towards shared solutions and value your partnership.

Visiting the School

At Courcelette we warmly welcome you, it is a safe and caring environment. We want to ensure our students’ safety at all times while cultivating their sense of independence, therefore, we ask that you always begin your visit to the school at the office by entering through the front entrance and let our Office Administrator Ms. Hepner know your needs. We can then direct a student to the office or inform staff of your arrival.

Please wear your visitor/volunteer pass and sign in.


We are fortunate to have many volunteers who assist the school’s staff in many capacities. If you are currently volunteering in the school, please check with the office to ensure that your Police Reference Check is still up to date.

Student Voice & Inclusion

Increasing student voice and choice is necessary to ensuring student learning engagement and cultivating student leadership. As a school community we continue to strive for opportunities to build upon this goal. Some of the ways we do this is through school wide student surveys to inform school improvement planning, student initiated clubs and shows, the student-made yearbook, and now our HOUSE Teams – Balmy, Kew, & Woodbine led by students for students. I listen to the students and work diligently to let their voices be heard with support from staff and the community. Please continue to support our school in hearing all voices and making choices that will ensure everyone is authentically included at Courcelette PS. There is always more learning to be done, thankfully!

With my very best wishes for the ’20’s!

Samantha Gillan