Flood watch communication

Dear Parents/Guardians:

All schools have received this communication and link. I am forwarding these to you for your information.

Many thanks

Richard Bradley

FLOOD WATCH date:                October 28, 2015 time:                 11:15 Pm        

issued to:  school boards, municipalities, local conservation authorities, local police, emergency services and media         Weather Conditions: Toronto and Region Conservation advises that over 30mm of rainfall has fallen on parts of the GTA, with more heavy rainfall expected through the afternoon and evening. Toronto and Region Conservation authority advises that flooding is likely. Issues: All rivers within the Greater Toronto area will be experiencing high flows and water levels, resulting in unsafe conditions. The Don River has yet to peak and is still rising.  Therefore, there is a potential for flooding of the Bayview Avenue extension. We are closely monitoring other transportation routes and sites adjacent to the Don River. Actions: Please exercise extreme caution around all bodies of water and avoid driving in low-lying areas and roadways particularly at underpasses.  Please alert any children under your care of these dangerous conditions and supervise their activities. Be alert for possible transportation delays and road closures.

Toronto and Region Conservation will continue to monitor the weather and watershed conditions and will issue further messages as necessary. This Flood Watch will be in effect through Thursday October 29, 2015.  For more information please contact the on-call Flood Duty Officer. Flood Duty Officer  Chief Flood Duty Officer Nathan Plato  Dana Khademi 416-661-6514 or                                416-661-6600 ext.5697 Note: A Flood Watch is a notice that flooding is possible in specific watercourses or municipalities (due to stream conditions and expected weather). Municipalities, emergency services and individual landowners in flood-prone areas should prepare.


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