Blog update January 29th

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The time has come for our Grade 8 students to experience beautiful Quebec City. All 27 students will be on this magnificent school trip February 2-5.

I will be accompanying the students on this exciting trip. As such, Ms. McLeish, a retired TDSB principal, will be assuming my responsibilities here at Courcelette.

French Scholastics (a message from Mme. Rigó)

Bonjour Parents/Guardians of grades 4-8 French students!

Students may now order French books through Scholatic’s “Club de Lecture!” Please use ‘Parent Pay’ to make purchases. Information on how to use this feature can be found on the two following links:

French PARENT LETTER Scholastic

French PARENT STEP-BY-STEP Scholastic

Also, for this year’s French Valentine’s activity, I’m asking all students to please bring in a small box, between the size of a debit/credit card and an iPhone (depth: 1-2″). This can be found at any Dollarama. As soon as your child has his/her box, they can label it at the bottom and bring it to French class. Latest date to bring this in is Thursday, February 11th, 2016.

Merci, Mme. Rigó

Health and Safety

We are finding an increasing amount of “dog droppings” on school property. This is a  health and safety concern as kids, playing outside, might come in direct contact with dog excrement. It can also be easily tracked into the school on boots or shoes.

Please refer to the attached newspaper article (2014) regarding this problem.

Thank you

Extended student absences

If your child will be away for extended periods of time (e.g., vacation), please let us know in advance. Thank you

Important dates to remember:

February 2-5 – Grade 8 trip to Quebec City

February 9 – Term 1 report card go home

February 12 – PA day, (Parent Interviews)

February 15 – Family Day

February 26 – Pizza lunch

February 29 – Grade 8 Graduation photos

February 29 – Parent Council Meeting

March 14-18 March Break



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