Blog Up Date: Week of September 11 – 15/17

IMG_0094This week saw everyone settle into their new routines and continue to build relationships with students, staff, and the school community. I began my principal visits to each classroom to review school rules and expectations and to get to know all of the students’ names. I like to use the opportunity to discuss literature and my 3 favourite picture books which promote inclusion, respect, and deepen our understanding of the Courcelette motto “thinking globally, acting locally.”

The school’s Wellness Committee met to build on the amazing initiatives and success of last year. We will beginning our Mindful Monday, Wellness Wednesday, and Feel-good Friday program again to support and maximize the overall health of our students and staff. Our Grade 8 students are an intrinsic part of the Wellness team who lead activities in the school on a weekly basis. I’d like to thank all of the students and staff who are working so diligently to promote positive mental health and wellness in our school.

It’s been wonderful to see so many students participating in Cross Country practice. Thank you to Ms. Robertson for your leadership and to our parent volunteers. We are eagerly looking forward to the Chine Drive PS meet on September 20th. If you would like to purchase Courcelette PS Spirit Wear and Cross Country team shirts, ensure you visit the following site and place your order now:

Adult sizes are available to order. Thank you Renate Kalve for organizing the orders.

Lastly, parent consultation letters for students with IEPs (Individual Education Plans) are being sent home. Please read through the letter and consult your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weekend weather.

Best Regards,

Ms. Gillan






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