Guidance for Intermediate Students


Dear parents & guardians,

Preparing for the transition to secondary school involves making important decisions and being prepared. Essential information regarding information nights for optional attendance programs, homework help, and school website links can be found all in one spot, the TDSB’s Learning Ctr. 3 (Courcelette is an LC3 school) blog. The link is:

As well, you can see the Information Nights for schools across the TDSB at the link below.

Some dates for our students include:

Malvern CI (Learning Centre 4) – January 16, 2018 7:00 pm (new date)

Monarch Park (LC 4) – November 23rd, 2018

For a complete list of Secondary School Information Nights:


For further information, our Guidance Counsellor Elaine Blake is available for consultation. She can be reached at:

A Grade 8 Information Night is being planned for our students. Further details will be shared once the Guidance Department has provided a date to the school.


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