Week of September 25 – 29

gg57565203Dear Courcellette PS,

This coming week will be see many opportunities for our students to stretch their learning and celebrate their efforts.

Curriculum Night: Tuesday, September 26th

Pizza dinner is provided by the Courcelette Community Council beginning at 5 pm. Please enjoy the pizza and the opportunity to play with your child on the school grounds. Sports equipment such as basketballs and soccer balls will be available. As well, you might want to explore the vegetable gardens and create some renderings of your observations together.

At 5:30 pm teachers will outside (weather permitting) for the meet and greet. At 5:45 pm we will commence introductions, followed by a brief address from Ms. Gillan.

We have 2 sessions planned for each classroom to allow you to visit more than one class. Announcements will be made to signal the beginning and end of each rotation. If you need to visit more than 2 classes please do so at your own pace – we want everyone to get a chance to see their child’s classroom and meet their teachers.

French, Physical & Health Education, and Library/ICT teachers will be there as well. Please ensure you say hello!

We look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday evening.

Recognition Assembly: Thursday, September 28th

Our first Recognition/Character assembly begins at 9:00 am. The families of students receiving a certificate to recognize their achievement have been invited by their child’s classroom teacher. Short presentations about the Character Education trait for the month of September, which is RESPECT, will also take place. Thank you for Ms. Wilkins and Ms. Clarke for organizing this month’s assembly.

Orange Shirt Day & Terry Fox Run: Friday, September 29th

This week we will recognize Canadian Heroes, and the significance of Orange Shirt Day.

The week will culminate in a morning assembly for students and staff as we recognize Terry Fox’s legacy and the significant meaning behind Orange Shirt Day (which is September 30th however the TDSB recognizes the 29th) as we make strides towards reconciliation. This began in our “Welcome Back to School” assembly where we addressed what does respect mean and how can we show respect in the spirit of truth and reconciliation?

The school will be providing orange ribbons to all students who would like to wear one.

Students have been invited to wear an orange shirt, or red & white for the day should they wish.

The Terry Fox run takes place at 2:20 pm (following pm recess). Please feel free to join us. Most Terry Fox school runs take place on the 28th, however that is garbage collection day in our school neighbourhood which would pose a safety concern, therefore we are doing our run on the 29th.

If you would like more information, please visit:



Looking ahead:

Coming up in October we have our Grade Three Universal Screening. The Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test, 7th version (CCAT-7) will provide information about the range of cognitive abilities. It may suggest learning profiles associated with other exceptionalities. The CCAT-7 is a screener and a screener only. It should not be mistaken as a test for exceptionality. It will be useful in flagging students for further discussion at an In-school Support Team and with parents and staff at a School Support Team. It will take place the week of October 2nd.

Best Regards,

Ms. Gillan

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