School Council Update

images-2Thank you to the many parents & guardians who attended our first Courclette PS Community Council meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new Executive Council:

Damion Ketchum – Chair

Alan Findlay – Co-Chair

Andrea Gasca – Co-Secretary

Kris Pourmatin – Co-Secretary

Renate Kalve – Treasurer

Ashley Chang – Co-Treasurer

Thank you for taking on this responsibility and for being partners in ensuring Courcelette PS continues to be a great community school. I look forward to introducing the executive at Curriculum Night tomorrow.

A special thank you to our out-going Chairs, Stephen Thurlbeck & Erica Yao who did an amazing job. As well, thank you Greg Fiddian-Green for serving in the role of Treasurer. Lastly, I would like to recognize the organization and leadership of Heather Roy-Robinson who lead the Elections Committee. We are very glad that all of you will continue to be part of the School Council

NEW & RETURNING Parents/Guardians –

Sign up for the Council e-mail by going to:

You must update your information in order to add your child’s name to this year’s class lists. If you get an error message, follow the prompts. You must complete this process in order to receive on-going communication for this school year.



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