Caribou Math Contest

Growth-Mindset-BannerDear Parents/Guardians & Students,

All of the students who turned in their permission forms to participate in the Caribou Math contest series this year have been accepted. I will be giving out individual access codes tomorrow and Thursday.

This week, Grade 5 – 8 will compete on Wednesday, October 18th (tomorrow)

Grade 3/4 will compete on Thursday, October 19th

Students should bring their lunch to school, on the day assigned, we will eat at approximately 11 am and then do the on-line competition in the computer lab during the lunch hour. Students will have a copy of their access code in their agenda moving forward so they can log on anytime. I would encourage parents to log-in with their child to give it a try and discuss the problem solving process.

Tomorrow and Thursday will be a bit of a test run, but don’t worry there are 5 more tests to try this year!

Thank you to Council Member, Ms. Chang for assisting me with supervision and tech support.

See you tomorrow Corcelette Caribou!


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