Grade 8 Trip to Quebec

GettyImages-481031831_superDeadline Approaching for First Deposit

Good morning Grade 8 Families,

The first payment for our planned Grade 8 trip to Quebec is due Wednesday, November 15th (now extended to November 22, 2017). The sum is $348.00. The second deposit is due December 18th, $349.00. Please go to

The total cost of the trip is $697.00 per student, based on 40 paying passengers. As of right now, 20 students have registered, paid the deposit, and returned their permission forms.

If you would like to inquire about a trip subsidy and/or the trip scholarship fund, please contact Ms. Gillan directly 416-396-6185 and/or leave a message with Ms. Hepner if I am not available. We want to do our very best to ensure all of the students who want to go on the trip get the opportunity to do so.

We also strongly encourage you to consider purchasing Travel Insurance and Student Accident Insurance. Please visit

This is an exciting adventure for our students, in addition to visiting a stunning part of Canada. One of our Grade 8 students remarked. “It’s a chance for all of us to be together again, like one family.”

Thank you for contacting the school if you want to inquire about deposit deadlines, payments, or details around the trip. Please also ensure you send in the trip permission forms, including medical information and Emergency contact information back to school as soon as possible.


Ms. Fletcher, Ms. Wilkins, Mr. Knight, and Ms. Gillan


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