Week of November 13 – 17

images-1Happy Progress Report Monday!

Yes, today progress reports went home with students and this week, parent/guardian-interviews will take place according to the schedule your child’s teacher has confirmed. If you you need to reach a classroom teacher, please call before or after school and leave a message with the office. The teacher will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, please contact Ms. Hepner and let her know about your needs.

Thursday, November 16th PM & Friday, November 17th AM: All teachers are available for interviews

  • if you would like to meet with the French Teacher (Ms. Bladwin), Physical Education (Mr. Knight) or a rotary teacher, please contact your child’s teacher or contact the office directly.

The progress report is an indication as to how well your child is working towards achieving the curriculum expectations. Please take this time to focus on Learning Skills – these are the indicators of future success. We want to continue to work as a team to ensure all students are successful not only in terms of academic achievement, but inclusive of their personal well-being and promoting equitable access to learning opportunities.

Caribou Math Contest

Grade 3/4 students participate Wednesday, November 15th

Grade 5/6/7/8 students participate Thursday, November 16th

Please bring a lunch to school, all tests are written during the lunch hour.

A notice went home today.

Right now the program is running with approximately 25 students per lunch hour. We have 25 desk top computers to utilize during that time frame. Thank you to Ms. Ashely Chang for your help with the tests.

Mindful Monday, Wellness Wednesday, & Feel-good Friday

This morning I enjoyed yoga with our kindergarten students, lead by Grade 8. It was a lovely way to begin the week and watch not only our older students hone valuable leadership skills but watch our younger students build upon their self-regulation. I did not mind the opportunity to stretch either!

Thank you to the Mental Health & Wellness Committee for your leadership and for continuing a great program that makes Courcelette PS a progressive school environment that promotes the wholistic development of our students.

P.A. Day Friday November 17, 2017

The school is closed Friday with the exception of teacher interviews.




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