Building Community at Courcelette

That’s CRAZY Hair!

Promoting the MQ – Math Question of the Week

We are committed to ensuring that achievement in mathematics is recognized and is a vital part of our school culture in addition to promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). Today, through the blog, you will be able to access the MATH QUESTION of the Week. There will be one question for Primary, Junior, and Intermediate divisions. Students can  submit their work to the office. A box will be available for students to drop off answers any time during the week. All correct answers will be entered in a draw for a prize and the honour of being Math Athlete of the Week. 

This is part of making math learning visible in the school and promoting a love for problem solving #growthmind set!

Bullying Prevention & Awareness Week (Nov. 19 to 26)

Bullying prevention and intervention is about more than eliminating bullying. It’s about promoting healthy relationships. When students have healthy relationships in their lives, they are less likely to bully others and are more likely to support students who may be bullied. Promoting healthy relationships is a key way to prevent bullying and create a safe and accepting school climate.

– TDSB, Caring and Safe Schools

Building a healthy school community involves creating opportunities for fun and educational ways to get to know each others’ strengths. This week teachers addressed bullying prevention and awareness within the classrooms. As well, we organized community building events including:

  • Our 1st Staff vs. Student Board Game Challenge
  • A presentation by Ariel Whaley – Dragon Boat Racing Gold Medalist for Canada Ariel addressed strategies to face adversity and how to support friends/family when they face challenges. Ariel’s message was one of positivity and education about diabetes education(November is Diabetes Awareness Month).
  • Crazy Hair Day



Thank you to all of the staff, students, and community members who support our school in such positive ways. We greatly appreciate your modelling and support.


Ms. Gillan



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