Week of December 4 -8, 2017

Sharing Assembly

Thank you to Ms. Rigo’s class and participants for organizing and entertaining us at Thursday’s Sharing Assembly. A special mention to Ms. Laverne and everyone’s donations to the BBNC 365, Carter Ward and his speech and efforts to promote empathy, Ms. Panksep and the choir and everyone who has contributed.

Please look at the calendar on the school’s website for upcoming events. Ms. Robertson has created a very special and unique site for our school and Mr. Moore has built a google calendar to share with the community.

This week:

Monday, December 4th: In-School Support Team Meetings

Wednesday, December 6th: Fitness Day Grades 1 – 6

Canadian Olympian Milt Ottey and his crew of athletes from OT Fitness will be providing workshops in: dance, yoga, agility training, and ball skills for students in Gr. 1 – 6.

AM: Gr. 1 – 3

PM: Gr. 4 – 6

Please ensure you have proper footwear and athletic attire for the day. There is always the chance we will go outside, so please dress for outdoor fun as well.

School Council: 7 pm Our School Council Meets in the gym, childcare provided in the library.

Friday, December 8th: RED & GREEN Spirit Day!!!! Join in the fun.


Saturday, December 9th: Santa’s Breakfast, A Holiday Tradition at Courcelette PS


Wednesday, December 13th: Winter Concert K – 3 & The Choir .

Begins at 6 pm. Please consider walking to the concert as parking is very limited.

Performances include singing and a variety of instrumental accompaniments.


We look forward to seeing you at the Courcelette PS Community Council meeting this week.

Best Regards,

Ms. Gillan



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