An Update from Ms. Laverene & the Share 365 Team


Share 365

Share 365 Update

Thank to all families for bringing in donations of diapers, laundry soap and toothpaste.  We have cleared all of the toothpaste, which is wonderful.  However, we still need some help with some of the diapers and laundry soap.  If donations can be brought in by this Wednesday that would be greatly appreciated.  Please place items in the boxes in the main hall directly under the Share365 graph.  Ms. Laverne has been updating the graph as new items are placed in the box.  Thank you again for your continued support.

 Items that we still need

(Please be mindful of the type and size of diaper when purchasing. Thank you!) 

Adult Diaper Size M: 2

Adult Diaper Size L: 8

Adult Diaper Size XL: 2

 Diaper Size 2: 2

Diaper Size 5: 5

Diaper Size 6: 1

 Pull Ups Size 3: 6

Pull Ups Size 6: 6

Pull Ups Size XL: 6

 Laundry Soap: 13





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