Math Question for the Week

Celebrate mathematics and the skills it takes to persevere when solving problems!

Going forward the Math Question of the week will be available for students to pick up outside the office in paper format. Students can then work on the problem and hand in their solutions independently. Of course, we always want to get parents & guardians involved whenever possible so I will endeavour to post the weekly problems via the blog as we did in 2017.

We are planning a “Math Day” – official name to still be decided for March 8th. Details of the celebration are still to come. If you would like to get involved please contact School Council Chairs Alan Findlay or Damion Ketchum. You can connect through our school website.

This week’s questions are:

Primary Question:
To celebrate scholastic achievement, Ms. Shaw’s class baked 2 pies. Ms. Pennington baked one more pie than Ms. Shaw.  Ms. Martin baked two pies less than Ms. Pennington.  How many pies were made?

Junior Question:

In Ms. Banfai’s class, Jackson is lined up to get some pie.  He is 8th from the back of the line and 12th from the front of the line.  How many students are lined up for pie?  If each pie is cut up in 8 pieces, how many pies are needed?

Intermediate Question:
Ms. Fletcher’s class gets stuck with the leftover pies.  She has 1/2 a cherry pie, 5/8 of an apple pie, and 2 full pumpkin pies.  To make it fair, she cuts 1/8 pie slices and gives each student a piece randomly.  Lee loves cherry pie and gets to pick first.  What is the chance that he gets cherry pie?
Thank you to Mr. Ketchum for providing this week’s questions! We love the use of student names to get students talking and curious about these problems. We’re looking forward to solving the questions of how much pie does everyone have?!



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