Courcelette has a Secret… Updates for the week of February 5th


Good morning to everyone from beautiful and snowy Quebec where the Grade 8 students are enjoying a fabulous week of adventure. I understand you’ve had quite a lot of snow fall in Toronto as well and want to remind everyone to dress warmly and play safe.

You may have noticed in the main hall a Secret Puzzle coming together. The puzzle will eventually reveal a message to Celebrate Numbers and how our use of math in everyday life opens up a universe of possibility for the future. Every week our Math Athletes will be adding a piece to the puzzle. See if you can guess the secret message!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in yesterday’s Basketball Tournament hosted at Courcelette PS. Some really great “shots” were shared with me and I could see that intense game play was evident throughout the day. Thank you to Mr. Moore and Mr. Montuno for organizing the tournament, hosting all day, and coaching our school team. A BIG thank you to AJ in Grade 3 – clearly our biggest fan. He persevered and is supporting the school team any way he can. Nice TEAMWORK AJ!!!

Speaking of teamwork, thank you to Ms. Pennington and Ms. Banfai’s classes for last week’s Sharing Assembly. Everyone rocked their favourite team wear, the Courcelette Cheer is a welcome addition to our repertoire of spirited traditions, and the custom Bronco’s teamwork puzzle came to shape right before our eyes!

Wishing everyone well, please welcome Ms. Joyce Lau who is covering for me at the school today and Ms. Norva Blackwood-Fuller tomorrow.

Aurevior from Old Quebec City!


Ms. Gillan

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