2 more sleeps to MARCH BREAK!!!

Here are some reminders for the next few days and for when we return from the break.

  • Tomorrow is the School Dance!

  • Friday is PJ Day (Ms. Hepner’s Favourite School Spirit Day)

ALSO, don’t forget…

It’s MARCH MATHNESS! Staff and the Courcelette Community Council are working hard to create positive associations for our students when we think about math. Math Anxiety is real. Recently I attended a full day workshop at the Fields Institute at OISE to learn more about the current research and initiatives to effectively manage Math Anxiety. It was a great learning experience and as a staff we continue to develop and co-create with students strategies to help us when we experience “getting stuck” and then know what to do to get “unstuck.”

This month, in addition to our academic work in the classroom, we are celebrating all things math. There is a “secret” puzzle to be revealed outside the office, it might be a famous mathematician who changed the world. Can you help your child guess who it is and why we might celebrate them in the month of March?

Also, planned are some fun events including:

March Mathness Activities

So get ready for some pre-break fun tomorrow in the gym where you can dance and participate in games that work our number sense!

March 22nd is a: Math in the Environment Scavenger Hunt (AM Recess)

March 30th is: Door Decorating Contest (details to come) Winners will receive a pizza “pi” party 🙂

If you have any questions or want to help us celebrate “March Mathness” please contact your child’s classroom teacher.


Ms. Gillan & Staff




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