Extra-Curricular Activities



At Courcelette PS we are very fortunate to have many staff and community volunteers who give of their time to coach, coordinate, and conduct our students in many different extra-curricular clubs, sports teams, and artistic endeavours.

For continued updates and information, please vist the school web site:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for going above and beyond to ensure Courcelette students have many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Here are some highlights (Please scroll to the end of blog for a list of upcoming Sports Teams/Events:

Speech Arts

Co-ordinator: Deneen Robertson

int a 2018

Congrats to all participants of our 14th annual Speech Arts Festival! Class representatives were outstanding and the judges had a very hard time deciding on our school winners. The audience was dazzled, educated and entertained. Many thanks to Parthi Kandavel who served as our questionner and Angela Sioumpas, Gianna Diassious and Marie Clarke who served as our judges.

2018 Winners are:

  • Jun. Format A: Izzy
  • Jun. Format C: Paige and CJ
  • Int. Format A: Lee
  • Int. Format C: Brianna

Student Mental Health & Wellness Committee

Ms. Pennington, Ms. Clarke, & Ms. Toner with the Grade 7/8 teachers’ support guide our Intermediate Students to provide activities to all students in the school that teach strategies to encourage positivitiy and strategies to cope with the challenges of being a school age student.

Each week we take time for:

  • Mindful Mondays
  • Wellness Wednesdays
  • Feel good Fridays (the day always ends with a joke and an upbeat song)

Black History Choir (Gr. 3-6) 

 Students in this choir learned about African history, culture, instruments and music through a variety of songs. The choir performed at an assembly celebrating African Heritage Month at the end of February under the direction of Ms. Pansep and Ms. Fletcher.

Skills Canada – Cardboard Boat Challenge

 Silver Medalists in Scarborough and at provincials, Courcelette PS students, under the guidance of Ms. Wilkins and volunteer Ms.Nolan, developed their engineering and design skills to build and race a carboard boat, not to mention stay afloat during a weight challenge.

STEM – Girls’ Conference

The TDSB organized a STEM Conference to encourage girls to choose careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Ms. Fletcher took a contingent from Courcelette PS who proudly displayed their water filtration project. The overall experience was inspiring and we look forward to attending future conferences.

Annie Jr. Play 


Students are honing their acting and musical skills through weekly rehearsals with Grade 5 Teacher & Musical Director Ms. Panksep and Nightwood Theatre’s Director & parent volunteer- Ms.Thornton. Thank you to all of the guardians and parents who have offered to assist with make-up, stage design, back-stage crew etc. Show Dates are: Thursday April 19, 7pm; Friday April 20, 7pm; Saturday April 21, 2pm.


Under the guidance of Ms. Martin and Ms. Woodward, The Eco-Club recently spearheaded Earth Hour at the school and is working on several other important initiatives such as improving our recycling efforts, engaging students in litterless lunches, and encouraging the community to walk to school every day.

Boardgames Club

Ms. Shaw is running a junior board gaming club that will meet in her classroom after school on Mondays from 3:20 to 4:30. It is for grade 4-6 students and we will be playing board games like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Qwirkle and Castle Panic.

Caribou Math Contest Club

Students in grades 3 to 8 participate in a monthly on-line math contest. The contest allows students to track their progress and aim for a personal best each time. Ms. Gillan with support from parent volunteers Ms. Chang, Mr. Ketchum, and Mr. Fiddien-Green runs the club in the library computer lab. Congratulations to all of the participants, many of whom have achieved Top 100 results in the TDSB.


Since the end of January students in grades 1-5 who signed up have been learning and practicing a wonderful variety of multi-cultural folk dances on Wednesdays from 3:20 to 4 pm and Thursdays from 12 – 12:25.  This activity promotes physical fitness, team spirit, cooperation, listening skills and an appreciation for different cultures’ music and dancing.  This club runs until the first week of May where there is a big outdoor celebration Jamboree at Albert Campbell Square.  Run by Ms. Pennington, Ms. Shaw and Ms. Banfai.


This past season the school fielded Junior and Intermediate Hockey Teams coached by Ms. Campbell, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Knight. Both teams did very well and the Junior Team won the Conference Championship. Most importantly, commraderie and team spirit was emphasized. Thank you to our coaches, parent drivers, and committed students.

Girls 5/6 Volleyball Team

The girls junior volleyball team had an incredible season.  They played their hearts out and learned so much about the game and playing as a team.  We are so proud of the girls for making it to the Semi Finals last week.  Unfortunately, we lost against William G. Davis in the Semi Finals.  This group of girls should be thrilled with their season as this is the furthest our junior girls volleyball team has gone in over 10 years! All of the coaches (Ms. Laverne, Ms. Toner, Ms. Banfai and Ms. Martin) are so proud of every one of them and we hope that they continue to keep up their love of the game.

UPCOMING ATHLETICS & Coaches (Many teams have additional coaching staff). Please ensure you have read the TDESSA Code of Conduct as it pertains to Coaches, Students, and Spectators (see below).


Further information will be sent home regarding each team and specific requirments or expectations pertaining to each sport. Our Track & Filed School day will be in April, the date will be confirmed this week. The TDSB East Track & Field Meet is May 8th.

Volleyball – Co-ed – Grade 6 Yes Tournament Amy Laverne
Slo-Pitch – Girls – Grade 6 Yes Tournament Jeff Moore
Slo-Pitch – Girls – Grade 8 Yes League Kim Martin
Slo-Pitch – Boys – Grade 6 Yes Tournament Jeff Moore
Slo-Pitch – Boys – Grade 8 Yes Tournament Todd Knight
Ultimate – Grade 8 Yes Tournament Todd Knight
Flag Rugby – Co-ed – Grade 6 Yes Tournament Samantha Gillan
Run, Jump, Throw – Primary Track: No Divisional Tiers Meet Amy Laverne
Track & Field Track: No Divisional Tiers Meet Deneen Robertson

TDESAA Constitution 2017–2018

Article 2: Aims and Objectives

  1. Codes of Conduct

  2. All coaches, players, and spectators must adhere to the TDESAA Codes of Conduct, the TDESAA Constitution, the TDESAA Playing Regulations, the Ontario Safety Guidelines – Elementary Interschool, the TDSB Excursion Policy, the TDSB Character Development Modeland all TDSB policies, and Bill 13 – Accepting Schools Act, 2012 (Anti-Bullying)
  3. a)      Coaches
  4. In the school system, a coach is often the most important contact for an athlete.
  5. As role models, coaches must ensure that their personal coaching philosophy has a challenging, but balanced approach, consistent with educational objectives.

iii.    It is expected that coaches will:

  1. promote and demonstrate the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play
  2. follow the rules of the game and the regulations of the TDESAA Constitution
  3. accept and respect the decisions of referees, umpires, and other officials
  4. teach student athletes the values of winning and losing, proper attitudes, respect, and the lifelong enjoyment of participation
  5. base expectations for their student athletes upon realistic goals, with a balance between academics and athletics
  6. act as a positive example in setting the tone for the expected behaviour of athletes and spectators
  7. behave in accordance with all TDSB policies
  8. b)      Student Athletes
  9. Student athletes are a direct reflection of the TDESAA’s educational philosophy.
  10. Athletes serve as visible role models after whom other students in the school system can model their behaviour.

iii.    The following code of conduct will help to guide the conduct of student athletes participating in TDESAA-approved sporting events.

  1. It is expected that all student athletes will:
  2. Compete for the enjoyment of the game and the pursuit of individual, as well as team, excellence
  3. Strive to understand, respect, and follow the rules of the game at all times
  4. Demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play
  5. Conduct themselves with honour, dignity, and self-control
  6. Appreciate the efforts of their teammates and opponents
  7. Be generous in victory and gracious in defeat
  8. Show respect for the authority and decisions of coaches, staff, and officials
  9. Respect all athletic facilities and property
  10. Respect the rights of opponents, teammates, and spectators on both sides
  11. Refrain from the use of profanity, taunting, threatening actions, and violence at all times
  12. Behave in accordance with all TDSB policies
  13. c)       Spectators
  14. Spectators are an important aspect of school athletics.
  15. The attendance of students, parents, guardians, family members, and members of the community serves to complement the experience of all those involved in sporting competitions.

iii.      It is expected that spectators will:

  1. Cheer in a positive manner
  2. Respect the decisions of the officials
  3. Respect the athletic facilities and property
  4. Respect the authority of TDSB staff who are supervising games
  5. Be courteous and respectful to fellow spectators
  6. Not interfere with the game in any manner
  7. Refrain from the use of profanity, taunting, threatening actions, or violence
  8. Behave in accordance with all TDSB policies

Thank you again to all of our supporters,

Ms. Gillan


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