School Zone Traffic Safety: Working Together

Parking Courcelette

Good afternoon,

As shared at the last meeting, in addition to the Courcelette Community Council, we are establishing a Caring and Safe Schools Committee who work with the principal to provide parent/guardian voice in creating a positive, caring, and safe school. If you would like to join the committee please let Ms. Gillan know, this small committee strives to include parent/guardian, student, and staff voice.

As outlined at the last school council meeting, our current focus is on traffic safety and the encouragement of students and families to walk to school safely. This is in response to reports received by the school from concerned community members and my own observations. I recently consulted with the City of Toronto Traffic Operations Department who listened to my concerns about traffic safety in our school zone. Part of the response is to gather some observations of student arrival and departure from school so that specific areas of concern are noted. Thank you to council volunteers for offering to help. Our next step is to gather student/staff voice and then, as a team, consider  a plan that will help:

-encourage the community to walk to school

– drivers to obey posted road signs

-educate students about walking safely in the neighbourhood and always being alert

-consult with the City of Toronto about potential solutions to any areas of concern

My first concern is student safety. To that end I have been consulting with our Trustee, Superintendent, Toronto Police Services, the City of Toronto, and other schools with similar school safety zone concerns in order to see how we can improve. I want to thank you for your support and for abiding the posted road signs.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


Samantha Gillan










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