Updates & Reminders Week of April 9th

Way to go! to all of the students who created door decor for the March Mathness contest. All of the entries were very well done and the winning door will be announced tomorrow. All entries will receive a small reward for their demonstration of school spirit. Some of the entries are pictured below.


April 9th: You may notice many staff, like many across Canada, choosing to wear green as a symbol of support to the community of Humboldt Saskatchewan. This is a gesture and a personal choice as many have been touched by the recent tragedy. Some students might also choose to wear green if that is a choice they have made with the guidance of their family. We are always sensitive to the age and needs of our students and the school is here to assist anyone who requires support.

April 10th: 7 pm @ Courcelette PS On-line Safety Presentation. Click on link to access more information: Online Safety and Cyber Bullying in a Social Media World


April 11th: Afternoon Music Programs – On-going with TDSB Classroom, Itinerant Music Teachers and Guest Music Teachers. Our Grade 6 students are in week 3 of a specialized drumming program with instructor Amare Kante and their teachers Ms. Banfai & Ms. Campbell (for Ms. Haneyan). Grade 7/8 students continue band instruction under the direction of Mr. Gillard (someone told me they may be learning a certain theme song for May 4th – actually, no one told me, they practise above my office!). Grade 5 students are “strumming along” with Ms. Panksep on their ukeleles. Although their schedule is different, I want to mention that Mr. Moore & Ms. Rigo’s classes are becoming recorder experts under the instruction of Mr. Ungvary.

April 12th: Annie Jr. Cast & Crew Practice Day. Students involved in the play will be excused from class with parent/guardian permission to attend practice beginning at 10:30 am. Some students will have extra vocal practice beginning at 9:00 am.


Ward 18 Meeting: 6 pm at Blantyre PS. Come to Trustee Parthi Kandavel’s Ward 18 Scarborough Southwest Schools Meeting for updates and discussion. Hope to see you there!RSVP tania.jabbar@tdsb.on.ca









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