Updates Week of May 7th: Education Week

What an end to last week and a lead into Education Week! Congratulations to our Grade 7/8 students and their Dance through the Decades Performance! This week we have the TDSB East Track & Field Meet on May 8th to look forward to, as well as the Mental Health & Wellness Committee’s attendance at the Intermediate Wellness Symposium at Robert Service Middle School on May 11th. The students are attending with Ms. Pennington and Ms. Fletcher in order to prepare for a Courcelette school wide symposium in June.

Please save the date for our Gr. 4 – 8 Spring Concert, beginning at 7 pm on May 23rd. As well as the Spring Social for adults on the evening of Friday May 25th.

Last week, and this week, and every other week – we celebrate education by enthusiastically pursuing excellence, in academics, arts, athletics, equity, and wellbeing for the entire community – students, staff, and community partners.

On April 30th, the week began with student workshops with Aussie X. Students got the opportunity to learn a new skill/sport such as footie, cricket, and net ball. The goal of the day was to empower students to try something new and promote a growth mindset.


On the same day, teachers participated in professional development sessions – sharing with each other classroom findings in our school wide inquiry into the intersection between wellbeing and achievement in mathematics. This was particularly meaningful given the OAME (Ontario Association for Mathematics Conference) during the same week included similar presentations, including those of Dr. Steven Reid, Chief Assessment Officer for EQAO. Courcelette PS  continues to ensure student achievement in mathematics is a priority in terms of our professional development for teachers and to achieve a balance in our students’ learning – foundational skills and problem solving skills. We address the strengths and needs of our students holistically.

On Tuesday night, School Council met to begin budget discussions for the 2018-2019 school year. This week you will see a box in the front hall where we are collecting used skates to donate to TDSB schools. The joy skating brings to students through school learn to skate programs is amazing!

A BIG thank you to all of the parents who attended the Folkdance Jamboree and our dedicated teacher/coaches, Ms. Pennington, Ms. Shaw, & Ms. Banfai.

Wednesday after school was our “Welcome to Kindergarten” event, with 100% attendance. The staff provided a fun environment and sound advice for new students and their families. Thank you to Mr. Ketchum, our School Council Chair, for welcoming everyone and inviting parents/guardians to get involved in the school.


Students in the Caribou Math Contest Club participated this week and garnered top 10 spots in the TDSB, amazing results everyone!!!

The week ended in a brilliant celebration of “May the Fourth (Force) be With You!” – a tribute to departed teacher Mr. Robert McNaughton who sadly passed away last year but who left a lasting impact on the school community. Thank you to our students & staff for embracing May 4th as an opportunity to celebrate what it means to reach for your goals and celebrate your strengths. A special thank you to Ms. Wilkins and the tech crew for putting together a fabulous assembly and parent, Ms. Kemp, for arranging for the Star Wars storm trooper visit. We are a very fortunate community to have the opportunity to engage in our school in such positive and meaningful ways.


Ms. Gillan

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