Council Elections – September 26th


Hi everyone,

Thank you for committing to join Courcelette School’s Community Council for the 2018-2019 year. The Council has a long, positive and effective record of engagement and support for the school, the children and staff.

Wednesday is our first meeting as a
new Council (7 p.m. in the Gym)

The first order of business is to elect a new executive for the year. I will be chairing the election. Elections will begin with the Chair and then continue with the Vice Chair, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, and two Secretary positions. The new executive may wish to solicit volunteers to head up additional committees.

As of Sunday, our incumbent Chair Damion Ketchum is the sole nominee for the Chair position. We also have one nominee for the Vice-Chair position, Marc Dionne, and two for Treasurer/Co-Treasurer, Renate Kalve & Ashley Chang (incumbents).
Additional nominations can be made from the floor at Wednesday’s meeting.

Any position that is contended will require a secret ballot vote of Council members. Any uncontested nominations will be acclaimed.

Having spent four years on Council’s executive, I can promise you it is a rewarding opportunity to share your time, energy and individual talents
toward improving the overall Courcelette community. The spirit of collaboration
with fellow parents, Principal Gillan and school staff is a privilege to be
part of.

Following the elections, our newly elected Chair will oversee the normal business of Council

The typical agenda includes the following:

  • Update from the Chair
  • Update from Principal Gillan
  • Update from the Treasurer
  • Update from other Council Committees

I am including the full list of Council below. Following the membership list is Council’s bylaws regarding election procedures.

Thanks again, and I look forward to
seeing you Wednesday.


Alan Findlay

2018-2019 Courcelette Council

  • Liz Hamilton
  • Priscilla Parodi
  • Fausta Capogna
  • Ashley Chang
  • Peter Carver
  • Darcy Ketchum
  • Damion Ketchum
  • Marc Dionne
  • Jenifer Dionne
  • Renate Kalve
  • Ann Thomas
  • Charlotte Appt
  • Shan Collins
  • Jill Hollingsworth
  • Carrie Broughton
  • Laura Bracken-Logan
  • Anne Wolf
  • Russell Bennett
  • Alison Dillabough
  • Freda Roberts
  • Jennifer Landry
  • Alan Findlay

Section III


Election Process

1.1 An election
committee must be struck at the school council meeting in May before the
upcoming year. Election committee members and their spouses may not stand for
election for any executive position for the upcoming year.

1.2 Elections must
take place within 30 days from the first day of school.

1.3 The election
committee must give 14 days’ public notice prior to an election. Notice may be
given through the school newsletter, a school council document, as well as

1.4 The election
committee must make self-nomination forms and information about the election
date, positions and the election process easily available, either in the school
office or online.

1.5 Those who wish to
be members of school council must submit self-nomination forms to the
principal/school office in advance of the election and by a stated deadline.

1.6 Parents of
children at Courcelette who are employed by Courcelette are not eligible for
membership. Parents who work for the Toronto District School Board are eligible
but must disclose their employment on the nomination form.

1.7 All parents who
submit self-nomination forms to become members of school council by the stated
deadline automatically become members of council. Their first act as members
will be to vote in the executive at the first meeting of the school year.

1.8 Parents who wish
to run for positions on executive must first become a member of school council,
submitting that nomination form by the stated deadline. (On that form, there
will be an opportunity to indicate interest in running for the position of

1.9 Bios of those
wishing to run for chair may be made available prior to the election, either in
the school office or another location deemed suitable by the election committee.

1.10 Voting is
limited to members of council and will be conducted by secret ballot. Proxy
voting is not allowed.

1.11 Nominations from
the floor are allowed. A person nominated must be present at the meeting.

1.12 Nominees will
each be given five minutes to briefly address school council before voting

1.13 Election of the
school council executive shall take place in the following order: chair,
vice-chair, treasurer, vice-treasurer, secretary, parent representative
co-ordinator. Elections for chairs of other committees will follow, in an order
determined by the newly elected chair and vice-chair, provided there are enough
candidates to warrant further voting.

1.14 Candidates may
run for subsequent positions if they are not successfully elected for other

1.15 A member or
members of the election committee, along with the principal, counts the votes
in private. Results will be kept on file, but remain confidential.

1.16 In the event
there is one candidate for a position, the person wins by acclamation.

1.17 Should there be
a total of two candidates vying for a position, they may mutually agree to
share (“co-chair”) such a position with the approval of council. All committees
may have one chair, or two co-chairs.

1.18 Council members
may not be elected to one position for more than two consecutive years.
However, should no others be interested in running for the position, council
may nominate the individual for an additional term.

1.19 The school
council shall help the principal ensure that the names of the new members and
the executive are publicized to the school community within 30 days of the
election, or prior to the second meeting of council, whichever comes first.



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