Thank you Courcelette Community!

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THANK YOU!!! You make CPS a special place to be every day!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire Courcelette Public School community for your support of the students, staff, council and our school programs/initiatives. Your efforts allow us to provide Courcelette students with learning opportunities that enrich their overall school experience and academic achievement. The students, staff and I thank you for providing us with:

  • fun community building activities such as Fall Fest, Santa’s Breakfast, and the Spring Social
  • funding for augmenting Arts programming including music, performance arts, and visual arts
  • support for field trips
  • organization of student activities that support our academic focus such as March “Mathness” including the scavenger hunt, games/dance, door decorating and Pi Day!
  • investment in school wide technology that is accessible to all students
  • fees to participate in math and engineering contests
  • literacy, numeracy, physical/health education resources
  • greater access to outside resources such as the Youth Wellness Network, Aussie X, Scientist in the School and Kouraba Music
  • funding for clubs and programs such as Eco Club and Roots of Empathy




Ms. Gillan

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