Week of October 15th: Fall Fun is Here!

Fall Fest Poster

Congratulations to all of our Cross Country runners who ran at Thomson Park last week. It was a THRILL to cheer on our students and see their families at the meet. Thank you to our Coaches. We wish everyone well for this week’s race.

It’s going to be a wonderful week filled with learning opportunities in all aspects of the students’ lives. Join in the fun and the learning!

This week:

  • Tuesday, October 16th: Individual Education Plans (IEPs) go home for parent review and signature.
  • Wednesday, October 17th: Caribou Math Contest for Grade 3/4 participants. Students who returned their permission forms should bring their lunch to school in order to write the first contest of the year. Thank you to Grade 8 student leader Sarah Jefferies and Ms. Fletcher for assisting.
  • 6 to 7 PM – Do not miss our first Parent/Guardian Workshop of the year. We welcome Mr. Michael Eisen from the Youth Wellness Network to present “Creating a Mindful Generation.” Last Week staff were given the opportunity to experience his simple techniques to utilize in the classroom in order to help students feel calm and focus on their studies. Please join us 🙂
  • 7 PM School Council meets in the gym. We welcome everyone to attend – really you can attend council any time! It’s important for  us to hear from parents/guardians across the grades and to get to know each other. All of the classes in our school are matched with “Buddies.” What started as Reading Buddies has evolved to include activities in math, Daily Physical Activity, and mentoring. We all need that sense of community, students and their families alike,  so please come.
  • Thursday, October 18th: Cross Country East Finals, Grades 3 – 8
  • Grade 5 – 8 Caribou Math Contest at lunch (student absent for Cross Country can write Wednesday)
  • Grade 8: Choices for 9 Presentation at Bich Cliffe PS beginning at 6:30 pm
  • Friday, October 19th: 3: 30 pm Fall Fest Set-up. Volunteers needed. Sign up at:
  • http://volunteersignup.org/99J4A
  • if you know of a high school student who would like to volunteer please have them visit the office and speak to Ms.Hepner. Thank you to our former grads who have been visiting the office and offering their help.
  • The Grade 8 Games Room (gym) NEEDS volunteers (which should be Grade 8 students) – parents, if your child is in Grade 8 please use the link and ensure they sign up for some shifts.

Only 6 more sleeps until Fall Fest. What struck me the most my first year at Courcelette was the amazing sense of community Fall Fest brings out. Every year students across the grades remark in the year book that it’s their favourite school event. Please join us this year with your family. There is a lovely tea room, many games, and amazing PRIZES to be won!

An early bird discount price ($12.00/wristband) will apply to wrist band orders made in advance of the event, which will allow your child/children unlimited access to all inflatables. Day of the event price: $15.00/wristband. Simply go to: https://tdsb.schoolcashonline.com and purchase your wristband(s) no later than Thursday, October 18th (online discount no longer available after this date).

See you tomorrow,

Ms. Gillan


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