Courcelette Community Council 7 pm tomorrow, Wed. October 17th

Please find below the agenda for the parent council meeting to be held at Courcelette, Wednesday, October 17th at 7pm.

  • Minutes of the Last Meeting
  • Opening Remarks
  • Bylaw Amendment (please see below)
  • Bylaw Review Process
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Class Lists and Class Representatives
  • School Events:
  •  Fall Fest
  • QSP
  • Santa’s breakfast
  • Grade 8 trip
  • School Play
  • Math Night
  • Screenagers
  • Update on expansion
  • New Business

Bylaw Amendment:

Parent Council executive are proposing an amendment to the bylaws to allow parents to sign up for parent council any time up to October 31st of the new school year.  The motion to be tabled is:

“That the Courcelette School Council bylaws adopted June, 2014 be amended as follows:

Section I, Subsections 2.1 to 2.4 be deleted in their entirety and replaced with:

  • 2.1:  Membership is open to all parents of students enrolled at Courcelette Public School, its principal and at least one teacher. Please note that parents who are employed at the school may not be members of council.  Parents who are employed elsewhere by the Toronto District School Board are eligible, but they must indicate this on their application form.
  • 2.2:  Additional members may include a student enrolled at Courcelette who is elected by the students at the school and one person who is a member of the community and lives in the school catchment area, but who is not a parent of a student(s) enrolled at the school.
  • 2.3:  There is no limit to the number of parents who may be members of school council.  Those parents who wish to be members of school council must submit self-nomination forms to the principal / school office by October 31st of that school year.
  • 2.4:  School council members and parents who are not members of school council may attend and participate in school council meetings.
  • 2.5:  Notwithstanding 2.2, only members of school council are eligible to vote on matters before school council.


Section III, Subsection 1.5 be deleted and replaced with:

  • 1.5:  Only parents who are members of school council by the election date can vote in the election.”

A copy of the June, 2014 bylaws is attached for your reference.Bylaws Review – June 2014

Peter Carver


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