News & Congratulations

Dear Courcelette PS Families,

It’s hard to believe two months of school have passed and we are about to enter the month of November. Thank you for a great start to the school year. I want to share some news and congratulate our students for their hard work and dedication at school this Fall.

Last week we held our first Sharing Assembly of the year. Thank you to our host classes Ms. Wilkins’ Grade 7/8 and their Buddies Ms. Shaw’s Grade 1 students. They shared what it means to be Respectful and Responsible. As well, they educated us about November’s Character Trait – Empathy. ME to WE Club leaders were also on hand to ask all of us to consider how our small yet positive actions can lead to big changes in the the world. Pictured below are the students who were recognized for modelling Respect and Responsibility in our school. Congratulations to these students and thank you for being leaders in our school.

In addition, Matt Spear made a a very professional presentation detailing the Thanksgiving food drive initiative that he organized, in addition to sharing some pie baking tips. The food collected helped to stock the shelves of a TDSB school food bank. Last year Matt also spearheaded several community and spirit building activities for staff and students.

At the assembly Ms. Gillan presented Matt with the very first Courcelette Citizenship Medal to honour his overall contributions to the school, his focus on always striving for academic achievement, leadership, and for never being a bully or a bystander.


I’d like to Welcome Back Ms. Martin in the JK/SK! We are so thankful for the hard work of Ms. Jones, an exemplary team player who filled in for Ms.Martin. We welcome Ms. Louise Cave who continues to provide afternoon instruction in Ms. Wilkins’ Grade 7/8 class. Ms. Cave taught for many years with the Quebec School Board where she was an outstanding teacher. Thank you for joining us in Room 11 Ms. Cave!

Also, we’ve been very excited to begin using our new lunch tables and benches. The students enjoy sitting with friends and chatting while eating their lunch. Thank you to Mr. Evans who sets up the lunchroom and puts it away everyday. You go above and beyond by helping students and the Lunchroom Supervisors throughout the lunch hour. img-6218.jpg

In addition, our new chrome books and iPads have arrived! Thank you to the School Council and the entire community for your fundraising efforts that made it possible to invest in this technology for our students.

Unpacking the Chromebooks!!!

In addition, I would like to thank the staff for a wonderful two months. Thank you to Ms. Robertson and the entire team of Cross Country Coaches – Mr. Knight, Ms. Clarke, Mr. Quintin, and Ms. It was a wonderful season and we were so proud of all the students’ efforts. Many thanks to all the parent/guardian volunteers who ensured the children came to practice and cheered everyone on at the races. AWESOME!!! The Grade 5 Boys team were able to bring home a banner for the school.


Our student Wellness leaders, under the guidance of Ms. Pennington, Ms. Wilkins, Ms. Fletcher, Ms. Panksep, and Ms. Clarke are entering their third training session with the Youth Wellness Network. Wednesday is our first, re-launched, Wellness Wednesday. Leaders will be visiting the classrooms to lead instruction in 4 square breathing, a strategy any of us can use when we need to refocus or regulate our emotions.

Lastly, if we are talking about staff  – I leave you with Ms. Campbell, one of our amazing ECEs in JK/SK. Toronto Fire Services needed a volunteer during the Fire Safety presentation and Ms. Campbell was a “first responder.”


Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate. Be Safe!!!

Ms. Gillan



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