Week of January 21st, 2019

Brrrr… It’s Cold Outside!

Mr. Evans has been hard at work clearing the snow so we can get into the school tomorrow! What a stoic and hard working head caretaker we have! Thank you so much Mr. Evans for braving the cold and taking care of our school.


We will be paying careful attention to the temperature and wind chill this week as we make decisions about outdoor recess and daily physical activity this week. Please dress your child(ren) warmly in case the thermometer co-operates and falls within the the acceptable range for outdoor play or shortened outdoor play. When dressed appropriately, the students love to go outside and play soccer, climb upon the play structures and meet up with friends for a game of tag.


  • Monday, January 21st: Grade 8 IPRC Reviews (Ms. Gillan & Ms. Clarke)
  • Tuesday, January 22nd: Our TDSB Inclusion Coach Ms. Josie Nanfara-Grande @JNanGrand joins us to work in the classroom and with staff as we continue to foster an authentically inclusive school community that meets all students’ needs. Welcome back Ms. Nanfara-Grande!
  • Wednesday, January 23rd: Skills Canada Cardboard Boat Challenge Team is onto practice # 2, getting ready for the big meet on January 30th.
  • JOIN US! Family Math Night for students and their families in Kindergarten – Grade 3. The evening starts at 6:30 pm and will end by 8 pm. Please remember if you have younger children or need to leave earlier for other commitments, please feel free to do so.
  • If you can stay for 30 minutes or the full 1.5 hours, we look forward to seeing you and your family there.
  • There will be a Grade 4 – 8 Family Math Night on January 30th. If you have an older student or a younger student during either night, please bring them along. Learning about fun activities that promote our students’ knowledge of math facts, fluidity in number sense/number operations and encourage a positive mindset for all students and their parents/guardians when talking about math is great for us to learn together 🙂
  • Friday, January 25th: PIZZA LUNCH!!! Please bring your own recyclable plate or drink container if you desire.
  • February 5 – 8, 2019: Ms. Gillan, Mr. Knight, and Ms. Fletcher will be travelling with Grade 8 students to Quebec City. There will be a TDSB Administrator covering the school during those 4 days. Please contact Ms. Hepner if you have concerns or questions.


Care for the school yard: We have noticed an increase in garbage and pet waste on the school grounds, in particular on Mondays. We are extremely grateful for the care and support our families give the school and the grounds. Please remind everyone to pick up after themselves. Also, we encourage students to bring all of their school snacks and lunch in reusable containers that can be taken home and washed daily. This cuts back on garbage and helps the environment.

X-movement: Thank you to the Courcelette Community Council for providing funding for  our recent student workshops. Students enjoyed participating in a half-day of physical activity in dance, yoga, and fusion martial arts. School staff supervised students during activities and classroom teachers attended professional development sessions.


Staff are engaged in collaborative inquiry to study:

  • Assistive Technology use in the classroom
  • Mathematics: using Universal Design in the classroom and ensuring the implementation of Balanced Math programming. We are specifically focused on teaching problem solving strategies that utilize Application (choose the correct math tool) and Thinking (solving multi-step problems) questions.
  • Universal Design for Learning: how do we plan and support the diversity of learners in the classroom effectively?

These areas of inquiry are a focus so that we can meet our School Improvement goals, as identified through data collected via the school census, EQAO, Report Card data, teacher, community and student observations/input. If you are interested in learning more, please consider attending a Courcelette Community Council meeting. School Improvement goals and our work as a community to achieve them is always on the agenda.

Term 1 Report Cards are coming home February 13th! Teachers who require a conference in order to discuss your child’s achievement will send home a notice on February 4th. If you wish to meet with your child’s teacher(s), please contact them via the interview request form that will come home February 4th. Teachers will be available the night of Thursday, February 14th and the morning of February 15th.

Thank you for reading this post to the end, I am always happy to answer your questions.

Have a safe & hopefully warm day,

Ms. Gillan





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