Grade 8s Off to Quebec City

Ms. Fletcher, Mr. Knight, and I leave for a Grade 8 Student trip to Quebec City tomorrow morning. In my absence a TDSB Principal will be covering the office. Our remaining intermediate students are expected to be at school where Ms. Wilkins & Ms. Cave will be awaiting your arrival.


  • Students are to arrive at school between 6:30 am and 6:45 am. The charter bus leaves the school at 7:00 am.
  • BRING ALL REQUIRED MEDICATION labelled and with you to the bus. Inform Ms. Gillan about all medications you are bringing (even Gravol). Label your medication and give to Ms. Gillan with instructions.
  • Bring $ for lunch or pack a lunch for tomorrow. Don’t forget to bring some additional spending $ and for lunch/snacks.
  • Every student will receive $26.00 to spend based on their fundraising efforts in the games room at Fall Fest.
  • You can pack snacks for the bus if you like. Please bring your own device and ear buds to listen to music. There will be a DVD player on the bus.
  • It’s a long ride, so consider bringing a pillow so you can take a comfortable nap!
  • Please don’t forget to double check your packing list. Please bring an approved helmet and googles.
  • In case of emergency contact the school and speak to Ms. Hepner during regular school hours. The tour operator is Bright Spark: 1-800-267-6425. We are staying at Hotel Le Concorde: 418-622-3677.

See you in the morning!

Get some rest & parents have a wonderful week 🙂

Ms. Gillan, Ms. Fletcher, & Mr. Knight



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