Reminders for February 2019 …

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Good day, or should I say… Happy Snow Day!!!I hope everyone had a safe day and did not have to travel very far in this weather.

Thank you for checking the Toronto District School Board website at to verify the status of school closures during inclement weather. You can also check for information regarding the status of school transportation and closures.

UPDATES for this month…

Wednesday, February 13th – Term 1 Report Cards go home.

  • School Wide Valentine’s Dance beginning at 8:45 am – 3:15 pm. We are still expecting to proceed with the dance providing the DJ is able to get to the school.
  • Classes will be called down to the gym in class grouping of 2 – 3 classes per period to enjoy some fun & dancing. Thank you to the Courcelette Community Council for providing the funding for the dance DJ & decorations.
  • Caribou Math Contest – Grade 3/4 participate Wednesday (tomorrow) February 13th at lunch. Don’t forget to bring your lunch to school.
  • Grades 5 – 8 will write the test on Thursday, February 14th during the lunch hour as well.

Thursday, February 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Parent-teacher interviews take place after school & in the evening.

Friday, February 15th – PA Day. There is no school for students. The school is open in the AM only for parent-teacher interviews.


Monday, February 18th, 2019 – FAMILY DAY HOLIDAY. Schools are closed.

Wednesday, February 20th –

  • Toronto Marlies Hockey Game Trip

***Beginning at 7 pm – SCHOOL COUNCIL Meeting. We want to encourage ALL parents & guardians to come to council meetings. Even if you cannot attend on a regular basis or just want to test out a meeting, please consider coming to join us. We are a very friendly council actively looking to recruit more parents and guardians. This is a great time to come to a council meeting and help us plan for upcoming initiatives and spotlight new plans for 2019 – 2020. *Child minding is provided in the library for school age children.

Upcoming Courcelette Community Council Events & Initiatives

  • On- going Pizza Lunches, our next is February 22nd – we always need volunteers to help serve pizza
  • March “Mathness” – scavenger hunt for students, weekly math problem solving competition with prizes, and the ever interesting “Pi Day”
  • Spring Social @ the Toronto Hunt Club SAVE the Date: Friday May 24th
  • On-going School Improvement Planning
  • School Revitalization
  • Caring & Safe Schools
  • Volunteering in the school
  • Our Sharing Assembly is Wednesday, February 27th @ 9 am this month.

  • Our Black Heritage Month Assembly is March 5th @ 1 pm.

Thank you for your on-going communication & partnership. Take care & see you tomorrow, weather permitting.

Ms. Gillan – Happy Valentine’s Day & Family Day!!!

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