Message from Courcelette Community Council

A letter is coming home today to you from Courcelette Parent Council.

Changes to Parent Council Executive

Please be advised that there are a number of changes in the executive of your parent council.  Damion Ketchum has decided to step down as chair of parent council.  Marc Dionne is co-secretary of parent council but will not be standing for election again in September.  Thank-you to Damion and Marc for all of their contributions to parent council and for the support they will continue to provide through the rest of the year.  Peter Carver has offered to be chair for the rest of this school year, but will not be standing for election in September.  What this means is that there are and will be openings to fill on the council executive.

Parent council will be appointing a new vice-chair at the next meeting.  At this point, Kim Dask has volunteered for the role and we have put out a call for any other members of parent council who might be interested.  With Kim and the future other new members of the executive, we will get that fresh energy to continue to drive benefits for our children at Courcelette.  We strongly encourage you to get involved because We Need You!!!!

We need volunteers and, like Council itself, we need fresh energy and ideas.  Particularly important right now is our very successful and popular Spring Social, headed by Tara O’Grady.  Always a great event and a huge contributor to reaching our fundraising goals for the year. That being said, without a core group of volunteers to assist Tara, the event is not possible to run.

The next Council Meeting is WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th at 7 pm in the gym. School age child-minding is provided in the library.

See you then & Happy March Break!!!

Ms. Gillan



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