Council Meeting & Grad Photos

I hope everyone enjoyed the break, feeling energized for Spring – a season of new possibilities, renewal, and the idea that summer is on the way.

Up-Coming Events

Wednesday, March 20th: Courcelette Community Council Meeting – 7 pm.

Any parent/guardian can attend a council meeting at any time in the school year and I strongly encourage all of you to attend this upcoming meeting as we begin the process of reviewing the school council by-laws and look to the future in terms of building our community leadership capacity.

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Wednesday, March 20th: Grade 8 Grad Photos

SAVE THE DATE: Grade 8 Graduation is Tuesday, June 25th. We are looking for Grade 7 parents/guardians to help with decorations and organization.

person wearing academic dress
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Friday, March 22nd: Inclusion Workshop for Staff with the TDSB Inclusion Coach & Child and Youth Worker.

We are excited to continue to ensure our students’ strengths and needs are supported in the classroom. Students whose identities are supported in a classroom that considers the importance of environment, resources, academics and teaching practices that value diversity do their best learning.


  • Tuesday, March 26th: March “Mathness” Scavenger Hunt. I am looking to our Class Parent Reps to organize this event. Students participate in a school yard scavenger hunt with friends or individually during recess. I need volunteers to set-up the event and help supervise stations during the hunt. All of the clues are ready to go.
  • If you can help, please e-mail me at:
  • Thursday, March 28th: After school auditions for the student variety show will take place in the gym at 3:30 pm. Permission notices will go home this week. An information letter went home on Friday, March 8th.

Spring is in the air!!!

Ms. Gillan



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