Week of March 25th

Upcoming events for this week:

Monday, March 25th:

  • AM – School Support Team Meetings
  • Lunch: Staff EQAO Committee Meeting
  • If your child is in Grade 3 or 6 they will be writing the EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) test this year at the end of May/beginning of June. More information will be forthcoming, you can also visit the site at http://www.eqao.com


  • Purple Day is an international day to increase awareness about epilepsy. See http://www.purpleday.org
  • If you can, wear purple to school on Tuesday. We will be dispelling myths about epilepsy through fact sharing and education with students.
  • Did you know 1 in 100 people have epilepsy?

The math scavenger hunt was scheduled for today but is being rescheduled for Friday, March 29th.

Wednesday, March 27th:

It’s the launch of the Wellness Leader’s Affirmation Challenge!

  • Our student leaders are challenging every student to consider the power of positive self-talk. There will be classroom activities and announcements to reinforce the message. I am super proud of our student leaders who wrote the presentation scripts, created posters for the school, and wrote announcements.
  • “Building Bridges” Presentation Grade 5 – 8. Get REAL is a Canadian non-profit that combats LGBTQ+ discrimination and promotes acceptance in schools across Canada.
  • REMINDER: 7 – 9 PM: 140 Borough Drive: The Combined Ward Forum. Flyers were sent home last week.

Thursday, March 28th:

  • Gr. 7 Vaccines in the AM. This is the 2nd part of the TPH student vaccine program. Permission forms were signed during Part 1. If you have questions or concerns please contact the office asap 416-396-6185.
  • Sharing Assembly: Mr. Quintin & Ms. Jones/Ms. Hall’s Classes are presenting. Student of the Month Certificates will be given out.
  • Variety Show Auditions – beginning at 3:30 pm (taking place on March 28th & 29th).
  • A permission form will be coming home with interested students Monday. Please ensure you return the permission form by Wednesday March 27th so that we can confirm the audition schedule.
  • Parents of students considering auditioning are reminded that approximately 12 acts will be chosen from a variety of performance styles. Students should be well prepared for the audition as there will only be 2 – 3  practices before the Variety Show on May 3rd.

Friday, March 29th:

  • Math Scavenger Hunt!!! AM Recess
  • Pizza Lunch
  • After school Variety Show Auditions continue.

Thank you!

Ms. Gillan


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