Spring is Here! (I think…)


Yeah, it appears Spring is almost here!? So? you ask…What have we been doing at Courcelette PS all winter? Let me tell you!

Athletics & Conferences

We began the year busy with STEM initiatives including the Skills Canada Cardboard Boat Challenge. The 7/8 team performed well in competition highlighting their creativity in rapid prototyping and teamwork. Our Junior & Intermediate athletes continued to participate in TDSB Sports through volleyball and hockey. All teams were very successful and the Junior Hockey Team won the TDESAA Conference Championship, bringing home another pennant to add to our school’s overall collection. In fact over the March Break, we decided to retire some pennants to make room for the almost 2 dozen new ones we have won in recent years. Congratulations to all of our coaches, team players, and student leaders. In addition this winter saw another year of Primary Floor Hockey played during recess – which was a lot of fun for all. As well, thank you to Courcelette Community Council for the funding to bring in the “Rocks & Rings” learn about curling program.




Every month we recognize the TDSB Character Education traits during a Sharing Assembly. We are extremely proud of those students who were recognized during the months of December, January, February, and March for exemplifying Kindness & Caring, Teamwork, Fairness, and Honesty.

In addition,  as a community we highlight student voice to recognize and celebrate our diverse backgrounds and cultures. We look forward to this month’s Sharing Assembly being organized by our Wellness Student Leaders on April 26th, which is also Bronco Spirit Day!




Thank you to all of our parent/guardian volunteers who have made class excursions and celebrations such as the Valentine’s Dance, Marlies Day, the Metro Toronto Zoo, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and Harbourfront Ctr. possible. Recognizing their last year at Courcelette, the Grade 8 students visited Quebec City with Mr. Knight, Ms. Fletcher, and Ms. Gillan in February. The group enjoyed historical tours, a circus school experience, dinner at a Maple Sugar Shack, and snow tubing. The Grade 7/8s have been very busy as Wellness Leaders, attending the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) Equity Conference, preparing for high school, and overall acting as amazing leaders for our school in many capacities. They are to be commended.

For those of you who attended Family Math Night – thank you for braving the weather. We were amazed by the number of families in attendance and I would like to thank the Courcelette Community Council for using their Parents Reaching Out Grant to bring this experience to our school. When considering your feedback (informal & formal) we have decided to plan a Family Math Night next year but to re-structure with a Kindergarten to Grade 2 specific event and a Grade 3 – 6 Games Night.


As we continue to promote the importance of MATH in our lives, I also want to thank the School Council, in particular Ms. Dask, Ms. Kalve, Ms. Hawley and Ms. Black for organizing the March Mathness Scavenger Hunt and providing prizes for our winners of the Math Question of the Week. Students have reacted so positively to our continued promotion of Growth Mindset, especially when thinking about their mathematics capabilities. Clubs such as Caribou Math and initiatives such as Ms. Reynold’s/Ms. Fletcher’s Math Club for Primary and Grade 7/8 buddies continue to promote the message, we are all math persons. Thanks everyone!

Continued Learning for ALL

As I have said before, we are a “smallish” school but a busy one. I’d like to add MIGHTY to that list! Students, staff, and community – we are all learning together every day and the results are empowered children who are change-makers. From learning together as teacher-parent partners during the workshop “Listening to Understand” to opportunities for our students to explore the arts including Speech Arts, our work as a team creates the Courcelette PS we know and love.


I really cannot thank the students, staff, and community enough for all of your hard work, dedication and support. Let’s finish the school year off with a continued commitment to our students.



Ms. Gillan



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