Everyone, please join us!

Spring Social

Thank you to the Courcelette PS Community Council Social Committee for making these lovely tickets for the upcoming Spring Social.

We encourage all current, past, & future parents and guardians to join us for a wonderful evening of fun. There will be fundraising auctions (live and silent) to participate in however that’s not all that takes place. There is lots of dancing, eating, and the enjoyment of lake views. Many parents have remarked that it was at the Spring Social where they first met their child’s school friends’ families. What a great opportunity 🙂 Please feel free to invite neighbours and we’ll be sure to pass along invites at the Welcome to Kindergarten event next week.

Please order your tickets through SCHOOL CASH-ON-LINE (same way you pay for trips and pizza lunch). https://tdsb.schoolcashonline.com/

This event is a critical fundraiser for the school to support the purchase of much literacy and numeracy resources for every classroom, kindergarten inquiry materials and play equipment, instrument repair and purchase, arts education, robotics, athletics programs and equipment, etc., – to name a few of the important ways your ticket purchase works to support education initiatives at Courcelette.

So join us! I look forward to seeing you there. See additional details below in the link.

Ms. Gillan

SPRING SOCIAL Invitation 2019 copy


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