Week of April 29th, 2019

9330bd6407Monday, April 29th

  • AM: SST – School Support Team Meetings Room 7A
  • Lunch: Ms. Gillan & Student Variety Show Stage Crew & Hosts Meeting (Gr. 7/8 Students only). See note about rehearsal & music.
  • PM: Track & Field (weather permitting) We were rained out last Friday afternoon so we will try again! Please dress appropriately.

Tuesday, April 30th

  • AM: MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) Presentation. Gr. 7/8 only.
  • PM: Student Equity Advisor working with Grade 7/8.
  • IPRC Meetings off-site. Ms. Gillan & Ms. Clarke attending.
  • After school DRESS Rehearsal for the Variety Show. 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Students performing in Friday’s shows please ensure the music (karaoke version if applicable) has been e-mailed to Ms. Gillan by MONDAY, April 29th at 11:30 am.

Wednesday & Thursday, May 1 & 2


  • Lunch: Caribou Math Club Contest. Bring your lunch to school and be prepared to write your final test of the year.
  • Please note:The next interactive question will be MAZES which your students can practice now on our games page. If you or your students have any problems with the game, please let us know. As a hint: The colouring of walls done properly helps to speed up the solution.
    There will be no history question in the May contests.

Friday, May 3rd

  • THIS IS IT!!! May the Force “4th” be with YOU.
  • This date is important to all of us in the Courcelette PS Community. In honour of former teacher Mr. McNaughton & because we celebrate the love of sci-fi, mindfulness, and fun! If students, staff, and parents/guardians feel so inclined, please feel free to were your intergalactic wear to school.
  • This year there will be 2 showings of a Student Variety Show. Parents are invited to watch with us at either showing.
  • AM – 10:10 am start time (early recess at 9:45 am) Audience Gr. K – 2/3
  • PM- 1:00 pm start time (recess following) Audience Gr. 3 – 6

The Variety Show is the result of student initiative, a desire to increase student voice and choice in our school. We are grateful for the support of staff, parents, and peers working to make this a fun day for the school.

Popcorn will be on sale to raise funds for ME to WE Club, the We Walk for Water campaign. If you want know about this go to: https://www.we.org/we-schools/program/campaigns/we-walk-for-water/

See you tomorrow,

Ms. Gillan








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