Sports & School Yard Play

images-1Sports & School Yard Play


As per our school announcements, instructions during regular gym class, and on-going teacher reminders regarding safety on the school yard: tennis, volleyball, soccer, and basketballs are permitted for use during recess play (AM, LUNCH, PM). Football and rugby balls can be used for casual play but students are reminded that tackle sports of any kind are not permitted. Baseballs, rubber balls, pucks & sticks, or discs of any kind are not permitted for use  at school unless supervised by a teacher -coach during an organized practice. Please reiterate this message at home with your child as we have been emphasizing this message at school.

As with all physical activities, tell to your child to be aware of their surroundings and play safely. Remind them that during recess we share a yard with Grade 1 – 8 students, that and we all need to be mindful of others/space, be respectful, and consider the safety of others at all times.

Riding skateboards and scooters on school property during school hours is not permitted.

Sports Teams & Events

As all of our coaches continue to review safety during school sports practices and at tournaments, please review them with your child as well. Reminders to wear all of the necessary equipment and follow the rules & instructions is essential.

Track & Field: Track and Field season is in full swing at Courcelette! Congratulations to our 84 member team.  Ms. Robertson is doing her best to communicate with the team via morning messages and a Track board posted outside the library.  Event times for the 1st Qualifier meet on Wed., May 15 are also posted on the gym doors.  Please follow the Track blog for more information this season!

Due to TDESSA guidelines, we cannot post the events schedule or lists of athletes/event on-line.

Upcoming Sports Tournaments:

May 17th: Junior Boys Slow Pitch

May 21st: Intermediate Girls Slow Pitch

May 23rd: Intermediate Boys Slow Pitch

May 24th: Co-Ed Junior Rugby

Thank you to all of our amazing teacher and community coaches for volunteering your time to provide our students with these opportunities.


Ms. Gillan



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