Spring Social – Building Community

What a wonderful and rewarding way to bring everyone together for such a great cause – our community school, Courcelette PS.

Thank you for continuing to recognize the importance of bringing the community together and supporting our students.

I want to thank Tara O’Grady and the Spring Social Committee for your leadership and commitment to making this year’s Spring Social an amazing event for our community. Thank you to our families and friends for your very generous donations to the auction and for purchasing tickets to this fun night out!

Courcelette is a special place. It’s where the children play, where they learn, and where they grow. When spending time with the students in the classrooms or on the school yard I am delighted by their connectedness to the school and each other. For example, last week some Grade 2 to Grade 7 students were playing a ball game together and I remarked, “Is that fair?” and the older students said, “Watch Ms. Gillan, they (the Grade 2s) are really good!. And they were – they were all really good at the game and they were really good at cheering each other on.

There is still time to purchase tickets for this Friday’s event. Purchase tickets for your group at:

SCHOOL CASH-ON-LINE https://tdsb.schoolcashonline.com/

For additional details such as a listing of auction items visit this website:https://courcelettespringsocial.splashthat.com

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 10.33.40 AM

This year we are fundraising for many important school initiatives that will benefit the students in our K – 8 community school. With your help, we have a plan that will ensure:

  • Revitalization of the kindergarten play area

  • New instrument purchase and repairs for JK – Gr. 8

  • Robotics K – 8 initiatives (look up First Lego League to get excited!!!)

  • Literacy & Numeracy resources for all classes and all students including French Language, Special Education, and Inquiry Based Learning Resources

  • The management and access to technology in the school

  • Sports Equipment and Enrichment Programs (such as Rocks & Rings or Aussie X)

Please join us at the Spring Social to continue creating great memories for our school. If you have questions, please let us know.


Ms. Gillan (Principal) & Peter Carver (Chair Courcelette Community Council)



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