This Week…Assembly, Kinder Grad & Play Day Coming Up!

Tuesday, June 18th: Thank you to all of the parents/guardians who have made donations and are helping with today’s Staff Appreciation lunch. We have our fingers crossed for good weather.

Please consider attending this evening’s Courcelette Community Council Meeting beginning at 7 pm in the library. Unfortunately we cannot offer child-minding for this meeting.

Wednesday, June 19th: Grade 7/8 trip to Riverdale Farm and Kindergarten Trip to Kew Gardens.

Thursday, June 20th: Sharing Assembly begins at 9 am. Mr. Moore and Ms. Choudhuri’s classes are hosting. We will recognize the Student of the Month for May & June. In addition we will be recognizing some of the recent achievements of our clubs and teams.

Join us for the Senior Kindergarten Graduation at 2 pm. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you and your child. They SKs started practising recess routines yesterday (very exciting!).


Friday, June 21st: Last Pizza Lunch 🙂

  • PLAY DAY!!!! Thank you to Ms. Laverne & Ms. Martin and the Play Day Committee for organizing this fun filled event. Play Day will take place in the afternoon.
  • A notice will be coming this afternoon with your child assigning them a COLOUR to wear that day. Please do not worry if you don’t have that colour of clothing, everyone will be included regardless.
  • What I would ask is that your child wear running shoes or secure sandals that allow for running, wear sunscreen, bring a hot, and a water bottle with their name on it. Freezies will be offered at the rest station.
  • Please note, here will be activities involving water such as sponge race/toss.

Thank you for your help,IMG_20160624_125856

7 more days of school!

Ms. Gillan


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