End of Year Letter

June 2019

Our students have benefitted this year by participating in a variety of learning experiences in their classroom and extra-curricular programs throughout the school. I am very proud of their accomplishments and appreciate the support of our School Council, parents and community members. From all of us at Courcelette PS, we wish you and your family a safe and happy summer holiday!


  • Our many volunteers who provide valuable support to our classrooms, school trips, and special events
  • The many parents/guardians who volunteered with various events throughout the year
  • The members of the Courcelette PS Community Council for their on-going commitment and support, in particular to outgoing Chairs, Damion Ketchum and Peter Carver who have been exemplary leaders.

Best Wishes to:

  • Ms. Jones (Kindergarten), Ms. McVicker (Kindergarten), and Ms. Cave (Grade 7/8) who have supported our students in Long Term Teaching or ECE positions. We are grateful for their help and for supporting our students. We wish them the very best in their future endeavours and would be very happy to welcome them back.
  • Mr. Quintin who has accepted a position at Emily Carr PS. Thank you for being part of our team, introducing us to Sonic Pi and assisting with many school teams & events.
  • Ms. Rigo who has accepted a position at Birch Cliff Heights PS. Thank you for your years of service, for bringing your optimistic spirit to work every day and for leading many initiatives.
  • Ms. Woodward continues to be on leave until 2020; we send her our best and certainly look forward to her return.
  • Welcome Back to:
  • Ms. Renee Campbell who is excited to get back to the community and kindergarten students she loves.
  • Mr. Stavros Tsirlis as a Junior Division teacher. Mr. Tsirlis has completed his term as a Centrally Assigned Guidance Counsellor in the TDSB and is scheduled to return to our school. We are excited to work together.

Families: You will receive notification of your child’s room assignment for September tomorrow in the report card envelope. Please note, staffing is subject to change and should there be changes over the summer or we are required to reorganize students based on September enrollment numbers, you will be notified with as much advance notice as possible.

I look forward to the last day of school tomorrow. Please remove all student belongings by the end of day from their class. Please do not forget to return library books, text books, and/or classroom resources.

Thank you for your understanding, care, and partnership this year.

Ms. Gillan

thank you text on black and brown board
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com


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