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Courcelette Community Council
For this school year, we have 287 students at Courcelette, coming from 197 families.  Last week, we sent home a form from parent council and have only 39 familes fill it out.  There are three parts to the form:

  1. Parent Council Communication

Last week, we sent home with students forms to be signed to provide your parent council with your contact information.  You might think that the school and the TDSB have your contact information and that that is enough.  Unfortunately, the TDSB’s privacy policy doesn’t work that way.  In order for parent council to communicate with you, you have to provide your contact information directly.  Page 1 of the attached form is for that purpose.

  1. Parent Council

As discussed in the form, anybody can attend and participate in parent council meetings.  We encourage you to do that.  However, in order to be able to vote on parent council activities, you must nominate yourself to be a voting member of parent council.  The top of page 2 of the attached form is for that purpose.  If you are interested in being a voting member, please fill that out.  This does not mean you are volunteering for anything.  It just means that you would like to have more say (i.e. a vote) in parent council.

  1. Parent Council Executive

If you are interested in volunteering as an executive of parent council, please indicate that on the bottom of page 2 of the attached form.

Please complete the attached form so that parent council will be able to communicate directly with you regarding the variety of activities that affect your students at Courcelette.  Forms will be available at curriculum night tomorrow night.

Scan through all pages and fill out. Please return via your child’s teacher to the office.

Council Forms


Courcelette Community Council

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