Courcelette Community Council

Please join me in acknowledging the following parents for their leadership on the School Council. Council is a vital part of our school and we all benefit from their efforts, time, and the enthusiasm they bring to the community.

Kim Dask – Chairperson
Renate Kalve and Ben Carter – Co-Treasurers
Augusto Arrarte – Secretary
Kristin Black and Linda Nolan – Fundraising & School Spirit Leads
Shan Collins – Parent Communication & Engagement Lead
We still need a parent to be a member of our Caring & Safe Schools Committee, which will be led by Mr. Moore and Ms. Clark, and is a mandatory committee in schools now that works to promote a safe and inclusive school environment. Please let us know if that is something of interest to you. Additionally, we could use a Co-Secretary to help take notes of the meetings in the event that Mr. Arrarte is unable to attend.
Congratulations and thank you again!
Also, Corvette PS would like all of you to know how much they appreciate the donation of funds and items for the school food bank. Thank you everyone who brought a donation to Welcome Back to School Night and thank you to the Council for supporting.
Ms. Gillan

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