Walk to School Wednesday

On October 2nd, students, families, and staff are encouraged to join schools across the country in celebrating International Walk to School Day (IWALK/IWHEEL).This day celebrates all forms of active transportation including walking, cycling, scootering and/or travelling to school using a mobility device.

October is also International Walk to School Month, and the Courcelette Eco-Club will be celebrating active transportation all month long. Members of the Eco-Club have planned a special challenge for the entire Courcelette community. They invite all students to walk or wheel to school everyday this month. Each student who chooses to participate should see Ms.Gesualdo or Ms. Little in the school yard on Wednesday, October 2nd at 8:30am to receive their own popsicle stick. This popsicle stick will serve as a points card of sorts; for each day a student walks to school, they’ll have to
check in with Ms. Gesualdo or Ms. Little to receive a tick mark on their stick.
The class with the most combined ticks (days walked to school) come October
31st will receive a special prize: 30 minutes of extra outdoor time! The two
runner up classes will receive an extra 15 minutes of outdoor time each.

We look forward to seeing families walking/wheeling to school for the month of October!

The Eco Club

close up fashion footwear legs
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

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