Reminders for this week…

October 30th:

Sharing Assembly begins shortly after 9:00 am.

Tomorrow we are awarding house points for school spirit. Please wear your house colour, or house bracelet, or Bronco wear to school in order to get points for your team.

  • Balmy House color is YELLOW: Martin/Campbell, Choudhuri, Gesauldo, & Panksep
  • Kew House colour is GREEN:  Shaw, Reynolds,  Moore and Wilkins
  • Woodbine House is White:  Jones/Hall, Pennington, Little, and Fletcher

October 31st:

Ms. Reynold’s Art Club is cancelled due to Halloween celebrations.

Please note, students are permitted to wear costumes to school. We encourage students to wear their costumes in the afternoon versus all day but if a student needs to wear their costume in the morning that is acceptable.

Masks that are part of costumes are allowed. I have told students not to wear them when walking to school due to visibility and safety concerns. Students can wear masks to the parade but not out for recess.

K – 3 students participate in an afternoon parade. The weather forecast sounds like rain, in which case we parade around the inside of the school. Students in Gr. 4 – 8 line the halls and cheer on the younger students. Students should not be trying to frighten the younger students, the parade is intended to be fun, not scary. Weapons or replicas of weapons are not permitted at school for any reason.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!

Ms. Gillan

halloween decors
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