Anti-bullying Awareness Week


Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

From time to time, it is helpful and important to review school policies to ensure the safety of all students. The TDSB’s Code of Online Conduct and our school Code of Conduct set out roles and responsibilities for students to help create a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive and respectful for all. In addition, you can find information in your child’s agenda outlining Bullying Prevention at Courcelette PS.

We are committed to ensuring our school community is free of bullying behaviour for all students and staff – both at school and online. We are all expected to be responsible and respectful citizens digitally and in person. 

At Courcelette, we educate our students about wellness, appropriate and acceptable use of social media, and expectations of behaviour on and offline. In addition, we will continue to help students understand that their actions have an impact on their classmates and on our shared school climate. Just as physical, verbal and social bullying can result in serious school consequences, so can cyberbullying – which includes sharing and saving inappropriate pictures and videos. Bullying can also result in police involvement.

This week is Anti-bullying Awareness Week and I will be visiting classes to speak with students about bullying and listen to their suggestions as to how we can continue to keep our school a safe and welcoming place. School Climate Surveys reveal that students feel very safe at our school, and we want to ensure that feeling is maintained. Last week I met with our Caring, Safe, and Inclusive Schools Committee comprised of staff & community member representation. We have reviewed together a detailed and year-long Bullying Prevention Plan specific to our school and will continue to meet to focus on prevention.

All students have the right to feel safe in our school and with your continued support we will achieve that learning environment.  At home, it is also important that parents take the time to discuss digital citizenship with their children and to be aware of their online activity.

For Parent Information & Tips, please access this link:

Bullying Understanding the Problem (Parents)

Thank you for your support and co-operation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school at 416-396-6185 to speak to your child’s teacher or the school Principal.


Samantha Gillan



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