Reminder for the Winter Concert

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It’s time to celebrate the winter holidays!

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We are looking forward to you joining us for the Courcelette PS Holiday Concert,

A Celebration of Peace & Joy. Students in kindergarten, Grades 1 – 3 and the Choir will be performing a variety of songs with instrumental accompaniment.

Kindergarten: The students in Rooms 3 & 4 perform first at 6:00 pm. Teachers have requested students be in the classroom by 5:40 pm. Following their performance, kindergarten families who plan to pick up their child to go home are permitted to leave the gymnasium. Re-entry to the gym is not permitted.

Grades 1 – 3: For all other performances we kindly request that the audience remain seated and watch all of the classes. The concert will commence at 6 pm and be completed by 7 pm. For Grades 1 – 3 drop off is 5:45 pm. Students report to their class first. If they are in the choir, once they have performed with their class they may report to the library.

Please do not pick up students after they perform with the plan to return to the gym as space is extremely limited and we must adhere to capacity guidelines. All students will be supervised in their class once dropped off and while waiting to be picked up.

Here is the information for room drop off and pick up, as well as what to wear.

Teacher/Room # Drop Off & Pick Up What to Wear
Jones/Hall Room 4 Room 4 Pajamas
Martin/Campbell (McVicker) Rm 3 Room 3 Pajamas
Shaw Room 1 Room 1 Red top and black bottoms
Choudhuri Room 2 Room 2 Holiday hat or hair accessory
Reynolds Room 5 Room 5 Student’s choice
Pennington Portable 2 Room 8 Teacher will write specific colour in child’s agenda
Panksep Choir Drop off Class, pick up Library Festive Wear

A big thank you to our itinerant music instructor Ms. Lowe for all of your hard work and support.

Ms. Gillan & Staff



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