Updates for the Week of February 24th

Dear Families,

I want to take this opportunity to welcome to Teacher Candidates completing their practicums here at Courcelette PS. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism as you pursue such an important career path.


Please also welcome Mr. Max McLarty who is working as the occasional teacher in Room 6 during Ms. Fletcher’s absence. Thanks for joining our team Mr. McLarty, I am certain you will enjoy being part of the Courcelette school community.

Please also note, February is African & Chinese Heritage Months. We continue to utilize TDSB educational resources to provide rich and impactful learning opportunities for our students related to each heritage month throughout the school year.

For more information please visit the TDSB web site.

February is African Heritage Month at the Toronto District School Board. It is an occasion to recognize and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Peoples of African Descent to Canada and the world. The chosen theme for 2019-2020 is “UBUNTU: I am because we are” which is derived from the Nguni Bantu term in Southern Africa. UBUNTU is a South African term used by the Zulu community that represents an ethic of African traditional life. The philosophy of UBUNTU realizes that everything is interconnected; “everything that I do has an effect on you and your well-being and everything that you do has an effect on me and my well-being.”


REMINDERS for this Week:

Wednesday, February 26th:

Tomorrow is PINK Shirt day. Pink is worn to show support for Anti-bullying. While “Pink” day is celebrated around the world on several different dates, in Canada it is the last Wednesday in February. To learn more, consider visiting Unicef Canada’s Website:



Friday, February 28th:

PIZZA LUNCH!!! and Sprit Day – Twinning

Students in pairs, small groups or as a class can dress alike to win extra house points for Balmy, Kew, or Woodbine. Woodbine is still on a rush after their win in first term which meant they received a glow in the dark dance party with buddies at the Lantern Festival & Valentine’s Dance.

Efforts can be as simple as wearing the same colour, hat, or hairstyle. Extra points will be given to the biggest group of “twins” – meaning the largest number of staff and/or students making an effort to do something similar. Good luck everyone.

Ms. Gillan







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