Week of March 2nd, 2020

Dear Families,

It’s been a busy week full of rich and insightful learning experiences. Let me give you window into all that we’ve been accomplishing together.

Monday, March 2nd:

Students in K – Grade 6 participated in an interactive presentation about Bus Safety. We learned about practicing safety on and off the bus.

Mr. Moore’s class hosted a Social Studies Fair highlighting the Grade 5 and 6 curriculum. Students presented on early Canadian history and current places of interest.

Tuesday, March 3rd:

Elian Lee acted as Principal for the day. Elian soon found out it’s a busy job being a school leader! Part of a Principal’s duties include instructional leadership, so he helped facilitate co-teaching experiences in classes with our school’s Equity Coach Ms. Farah Rahemtula. He bravely offered his own valuable experiences and insight and Ms. Rahemtula was so impressed she wanted to congratulate Elian at the end of the day for a job well done. Mr. Lee, as we called him, also made annoucements through out the day, wrote reply letters to students petitioning for longer recess and for field improvements, read to the Room 4 kindergarten class and hosted a team building opportunity with his Grade 7/8 class where they enjoyed lunch courtesy of Fallingbrook Market. Thank you Elian for doing such an amazing job as Principal for the day!!!


As I mentioned, we have been very fortunate to work with TDSB teaching and learning partners Farah Rahemtula and James Berrigan this year. This week several classes explored the idea of visible and invisible identities. We discussed what makes us special but also, what can you or can’t you tell just by looking at someone? We asked our selves important questions about why we make assumptions and how we can check our bias. As a co-learner in the classroom with staff and students, I gained valuable knowledge about our students’ strengths and identities.

In addition, Elian and I were able to pick up a little coding with Mr. Moore and Ms. Gesualdo’s classes who hosted a workshop with “Kids Code Jeunesse” – see http://www.kidscodejeunesse.org for more information. Students were completely engaged and learned coding for a light panel to display their names, animated figures, and how to program in order to create games. WoW!

 Wednesday, March 4

Today Ms. Little’s class invited me to view class presentations highlighting their role models with African Heritage. It was another example of the  variety of learning all classes have been doing during African Heritage month (February), which has included the study of literature, poetry, and art.

We continue will continue our learning through Heritage Month explorations in March which is Greek Heritage Month at the Toronto District School Board.   It is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Greek Canadians to Canada and an occasion to mark and enjoy the history of Greek culture.

The theme for this year is: “Inquire, Innovate, Inspire – Σπουδή, Καινοτομία, Έμπνευση”  Today I met with a committee of students in Grade 1 – 6 who have offered to bring this learning to our students.

In addition, your House Captains & Leaders for Balmy, Kew, and Woodbine continue to plan enrichment activities for the school that promote a caring, safe, and inclusive environment. Next up – an Anti-Bullying Poster Contest. Thank you to all of the students and staff who participated in “Twin” Day (which turned into a bit of a PJ day). It was lots of fun with Woodbine coming out on top with the greatest % of participants. All teams earned house points.

So how to end such an action packed week? With a celebration of Speech Arts! Students from Grade 4 – 8 will be presenting their speeches and drama skits to each other over the next two days (March 5 & 6th) with a Certificate of Class Representation being given to a chosen student presenter(s) per class. The way we are recognizing the achievement in Speech Arts is different this year, however, we continue to highlight this important skill and celebrate student success. Ms. Gillan will take photos of all class representatives and provide them to their families.

ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL MARCH BREAK! Don’t forget, the school is closed March 16th on-ward and reopens Monday, March 23rd.

Thank you to students, staff, and the community for your continued support. In particular to the School Council under the guidance of Ms. Dask who have provided us with resources so that we can enrich the high quality of learning we continue to focus on here at Courcelette PS. Please take time to read the upcoming letter from the council regarding Guided Reading & Robotics.


Ms. Gillan



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