Updates: School playground closures

Dear Courcelette Families,

Thank you for the kind messages of encouragement and support during this challenging time. I will pass on your words of concern for and appreciation of their work to the staff, letting them know you too are eager to connect around student learning.

I am sure you have been impacted in many ways by the measures we’ve all had to take in order to follow the new and ever-changing directives of our government, health organizations, and work places. At this time I know that the school will NOT be back in session on April 6th, 2020. When there are more concrete time lines I will be certain to share them with you.

I recognize that sharing links to on-line learning resources is only a beginning measure to address the learning needs of students. Courcelette teaching and support staff absolutely want to re-connect with their students and continue delivering the curriculum. For right now, the goal of the TDSB and our school is to set our system up for success, focusing on restoring teaching and learning in the most equitable and thoughtful way possible given the circumstances. In this planning stage, TDSB staff are working together for the remainder of this week and into next to develop that plan.


Welcome back to Mr. Evans who was away for a short term absence before March Break. Mr. Evans is currently managing the school facilities based on TDSB schedules and is working with myself and the school board to ensure the operations of the school are maintained. He and I discussed a number of things yesterday, including the immediate closure of school playground equipment (including kindergarten play area) and basketball nets.

I want to acknowledge how impactful this is to our community as it is one of the few outdoor spaces our children have to play and may cause additional worries for our children as they grapple with more change. Please know the school board has made this decision based on recommendations from Toronto Public Health. Mr. Evans will be posting signs (temporary signs for now). Please abide by the signage and be safe. Thank you for speaking to your children about the importance of not using the playground equipment or nets. While we hope older students will read the signs, a specific directive from their family often makes more of an impact.

Thank you for passing along this information to all community members and when on school grounds remember to dispose of litter in community receptacles. The remainder of outdoor play space remains open at this time, please remember to use social distancing practices. 

I also know that your family’s Mental Health & Well-being is a priority for the TDSB.

You can also access supports via the TDSB web page. Go to: Mental Health and Well-Being Resources for students and families.

I encourage you to utilize the TDSB website where you can also access the Director’s Messages there. Please be sure to read the most recent letter (sent on Wednesday, March 25, 2020) to parents/guardians. As more information regarding this planning and related next steps becomes available, we will be sure to share this with the Courcelette community.

Thank you for your support and partnership. If you have questions or concerns please e-mail me directly: samantha.gillan@tdsb.on.ca


Ms. Gillan




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